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Has Stern caused a storm with his review on the economics of climate change, and if so, why? Informed and different responses to these questions require a wide knowledge and understanding, demand serious thinking and evaluating and introduce many other questions en route. This complex, topical, political and emotive area therefore provides rich study opportunities in many curriculum areas.

Image: Sir Nicholas SternThis resource consists of a number of key sections on the Stern Review, the science, geography, economics and technology backgrounds to the review and the wider contexts necessary to understand the issues. It also provides sections on aspects of pedagogy and study itself; promoting the opportunities to develop research and thinking skills and to use these to evaluate e.g. by reasoned argument. To support this two further sections offer comprehensive links to resources and activities, and to glossaries and study programmes. Sections are easily navigated through the context sensitive menus (left hand panels).

The resource is designed as a series of some forty “articles” (central panels) which act as frameworks or guides to illustrate areas for more detailed focus and which are elaborated through over three hundred and twenty external links (right hand panels). Some of the “articles” may deliberately prompt disagreement, ask questions or leave areas of uncertainty in an effort to stimulate further research via the external links, which are themselves only starting points, given the massive amount of work which has been and is increasingly the focus of much research in many countries.

There is no single route through the resource; the Stern Review is taken simply as a central hub from which different journeys may be taken. Content in the “articles” has been written for an “adult” audience in keeping with much of the reference material in the links, and this should be seen as a challenge to students to check their comprehension on the path to higher order thinking. Similarly whilst the resource may be useful to students or teachers there are no separate sections for each. Indeed it is hoped that students will not be deterred from pursuing links in e.g. the pedagogy section. Students in the 14-19 age range need to develop increasing responsibility for their own learning, which includes gaining knowledge of the learning process itself.

Image: depicting global warming by showing a 'global warming' sign submerged in water

"We have the time and knowledge to act but only if we act internationally, strongly and urgently"

Sir Nicholas Stern


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