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The Secret Diary of Liz Bennett

Follow the story of Liz Bennett's blog as she tries to cut down her carbon emissions and stop climate change. As romance blossoms with Liz's rich boyfriend, her best friend Jack is concerned that something is not adding up. Meanwhile Liz is quickly becoming addicted to carbon saving as finds she is saving money and making new friends. This funny story is developing over the year in weekly instalments. It gives light hearted insight into a variety of ways everyday people can cut down their carbon emissions.  
Group Affiliation:
Pupil/Student, Life Long Learners 
Citizenship, Climate Change 
Age Relevance:
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Life Long Learning, Post 16 
Copyright Holder:
Cool Stoke - funded by Defra 
Cool Stoke - funded by Defra

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