Climate Change

Floods - Is climate change the cause? - Videos

Use these KS2 activities to help find out - click the title to play each video

Young People's Messages
Taking action
Thinking about our planet
People's impact on the globe
More than one solution needed
Unpredictable seasons in Uganda
Changing climate changes markets
We are lucky to have rain
Farming is changing in Uganda
Flood defences help current situation
What not to do in a house that floods!
The flood defence part 2
The flood defence
Impact on householders
Rising sea threatens cities
Different things cause flooding
Flooding on the farm
A very wet period
Why Floods? Gill's opinion
Flooding took us by surprise
Flooding affects the farm
Changes over the years
Gill explains how the floods changed her life.
David talks about the life style changes he has made due to the extensive flooding in the Bewdley area.
Alison explains her experience of the flash floods during April 2007.