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Coventry Numeracy Resources - Money Activities Index


Areas Covered

Buy 2 Items

buy 2 items with a given cost
- prices less than 5p, less than 10p, less than 100p,
prices multiples of 5p, prices multiples of 10p

work out the change from buying 2 items
- change from 10p, from 20p, change from 50p, change from £1

Buy 3 Items

which 3 items could be bought for a given cost
- with prices within 10p, within 20p, multiples of 10p within £1.

Pay Using 1 Coin

pay for the items using only 1p or 2p or 5p or 10p coins

Paying for ice creams - coins

choose the coins needed to pay for the ice-cream
- prices within 10p, 20p, 50p, £1-£3

Price Lists

choose things to buy and work out the cost
- within 10p, within 20p, within 100p, within £2, within £10
multiples of 10p within 100p
what 2 things could be bought, prices with 10p, within 50p
what 3 things could be bought, prices with 20p