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Last updated: 8 July 2003 Are you ready for September, browse our resources to support Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4 There are seven Enquiries, find them by using the coloured Theme menus in the top navigation bar. We look forward to hearing from you as you use the site. The 21st Century Citizen site provides a stimulating and contemporary collection of online resources to support the new Citizenship curriculum for school students aged 11-16 in the UK. The British Library invites teachers and secondary school students to participate in shaping the website by trialling the resources and contributing material of their own.  
Resource Support Notes:
The 21st Century Citizen website is divided into three broad themes, accessible from the navigation bar. Drop-down menus lead to Enquiries which support teaching and learning in Citizenship. Opening an Enquiry provides visitors with an introductory screen, or homepage to the Enquiry with links to a number of Issues. Each Issue is a self- contained unit of in-depth study through a range of Activities supported by Extracts and other Resources such as Activity sheets, information sheets, study guides etc. This material has been designed for download to print, or use in a word-processor. Icons indicate what file-type the documents are. The Teachers' area for each Enquiry contains a zip file containing student Resources for each Activity as well as curriculum links, background notes and follow-up ideas. All these Resources are either PDF or RTF for ease of saving and printing. Students may bookmark the Issue or Activity they are working on and browse original Extracts as they undertake a range of research tasks. Extracts are displayed in pop-up windows, with the option to view transcripts and background information where appropriate. Extracts include text, image, facsimile, data and audio. Icons indicate what type the Extracts are.  
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